Leanne this has been my first project and can I just say a huge thank you for sharing your home and life with us. The change that I have been able to make in 14 days with inspiration and motivation from you has been amazing. I’ve gone from feeling totally overwhelmed to feeling like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There has been many things you’ve said and shared that have really resonated with me. Thank you so very much. I can’t wait for the next project!

Christal Gesch

In my late 40’s with teen children, I’ve found myself utterly exhausted. Exhausted from years of little self care, thinking my home needed to be perfect, sacrificing living for cleaning a house that never seemed to stay tidy for long. I came across Leanne 4 years ago and have done several Project 14’s. I’ve not progressed to master level yet with the systems as I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself yet regarding the exhaustion, but joining the projects gives me inspiration and motivation that is priceless. In the last project in particular I’ve had several a-ha moments, understanding that systems are habits that take time, that small steps (even 15 minutes a day) make a big impact, and that I just need to be kinder to myself in general and the rest will flow. Leanne is genuinely concerned for her community and personally reaches out to us all. Project 14 is not just a Facebook page, it’s a cheer squad and Leanne is cheering the loudest. Remembering details about members and offering to private message those that might be struggling, I don’t know how she does it. It’s obviously her passion. I’d like to thank Leanne especially for the impact she has had on my wellbeing. I’m working towards order in my home, but I cannot express my thanks enough for the order in my head that she has helped me with during this last project. A million times thank you!

Kerrie Lee

am blessed to have a newly built large family home in which a lot of thought went into design of storage spaces and specific organisational systems (Pantry, Walk-In-Robe, Linen, Garage). Additionally I would describe myself as a highly organised and driven individual. What would I get out of Project 14? My girlfriend signed me up and invited me along for the ride... life game changer! Project 14 and Leanne - thank you for coming into my life, smiling at me across the room for 14 days, holding my hand from afar but most of all entering my mind. Your processes are in my daily thoughts and your systems apart of my home and instilled. This has become apart of me but my favourite take away from it all is, my two girls, our future young women, will grow up and think Project 14 is the ‘norm’ and breeze through running a household.

Alesha Maclean